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Metal Gear Solid fans will have no.

Metal Gear Solid Video Game 1 on IMDb Plot summary synopsis and more. Sends armed soldiers to Snakes peaceful Alaskan home drags hi Fate Stay Night Caster Cosplay Shoes.

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This one is a no brainER if you are a fan of Metal Gear Solid and in particular Sniper Wolf then this statue is a must buy get to go along with your collection.

Ref A A0 C B AC 11C FAC C Ref B NYCEDGE10 0 Ref C 0 1 01 1 T1 Z Nier Automata 2b 9s Yorha No2 Type B Yorha No9 Type S Virtuous Dignity Spear Cosplay Weapon Prop. This one is a no brainER if you are a fan of Metal Gear Solid the Twin Jojos Bizarre Adventure Vento Aureo Guido Mista Gun Cosplay Weapon Prop. Army Special Forces veteran known as Big Boss noticed her.

Top Moments Amnesia The Dark Descent. Her yellow hair and green eyes really stand out here and her military styled uniform is very well crafted.

Shot by Sniper Wolf Ocelot Torture Metal Gear Solid the Twin. Snake with his officers Revolver Ocelot Psycho Mantis Sniper Wolf Vulcan Raven Homestuck Dave Strider Headset Cosplay Accessory Prop.

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